About us

THE smARTest PROJECT is a social art enterprise based in London that supports talented Haitian artists (though expanding rapidly to international artists) to live from their art and implement local art projects that benefits children and disadvantaged communities. The organization curates pop-up exhibitions and promotes the convergence of Inspirational Arts. The organization was created in 2015 and benefits from a growing visibility and a positive reputation. Ultimately the project aims to become a significant lever for change of mentalities, practices and policies. Our long-term objective is to organise art residencies, art prizes, art fairs. We are now entering a new phase of development with the aim to become progressively one of the leading online art platform for international artists. We are therefore currently looking at expanding the number of artists, the venues of diffusion, the partners and the sources of incomes and funding.

Why work for us

We are exploring a niche yet unexplored in the art world. We help disadvantaged artists and communities. Our project is social.