About us

At Global Nomadic, we aim to provide you with exactly what you need to get ahead and further your career. In todays competitive climate, any advantage you have over other candidates will be essential in landing you that job. Our internships abroad will get you working in the field, gaining experience and contacts to make your career path realise itself. We are here to help!

We provide internship placements and volunteer experiences in a range of different fields, from medicine and education, to veterinary science and journalism and many more – matching you with reputable, worthwhile organisations around the world.

We pride ourselves in being different from the traditional ‘gap-year’ and voluntary placement organisations by offering impartial and accurate advice for each field placement – without charging a fortune. And unlike other sites, our company has personally visited and approved the vast majority of our projects, ensuring the quality of each placement offered. You will receive full pre-departure support and ongoing assistance throughout your placement from us. We aim to offer a comprehensive, transparent and ethical service – helping you help others.

By working with local NGOs, charities, and communities you will gain excellent experience and valuable skills, aiding you to further your ambitions – whilst making a difference where it’s needed most.

Why work for us

Anyone with a desire to see the world and gain experience through internships and volunteering is faced with a multitude of choices. Where to go? What to do? When to go? And most importantly, how and with whom to go? Since the rise of ‘voluntourism’ and international internships in the late 90s, the industry has been growing steadily and there is now a small plethora of reputable companies through which people from all over the world can travel around the planet and help out wherever they want.