About us

Coiledspring Games are a market leading games, puzzles and toys distributor. We source exciting, innovative products from around the world and sell them to retailers including Amazon, Waterestones, WHSmith and over 400 independent toy, gift and games retailers. We have been in business for 10 years and are based in Twickenham, opposite the rugby stadium. We're a strong team focussed on helping our customers sell more of our wonderful products.

Why work for us

The toy and games industry is a great industry to work in. With 60% of sales coming from new products, there is real dynamism around.
As a company we're always looking out for new product and the whole team is involved in testing products we may add to our portfolio.
Coiledspring Games has grown over 20% year on year for the past 5 years. Our team are hard-working, dedicated but also fun. Every Monday and Friday we have 'lunchtime games' where we playtest products.
Working with Coiledspring Games is a wonderful opportunity to:
• Build knowledge of an exciting, fun and innovative industry
• Understand the thrill (and pressure) of working on a major account such as Amazon
• Gain experience in an exciting and fast growing company
• Get exposure to the whole business cycle through buying, marketing, selling to logistics