About us

University of Oxford Apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity for young people and current members of staff to earn while they learn in a world-leading research and academic institution. The University is committed to providing exciting and life-changing apprenticeships across all of its departments, where apprentices of all ages train alongside experienced staff, developing their professional skills whilst growing the university’s workforce talent.

Increasingly, apprenticeships are becoming a way for more people to achieve higher qualifications, gain valuable experience and earn a salary. At the same time, apprentices join an inspirational learning community through their training providers where they work towards achieving a specific nationally-recognised qualification.

Why work for us

•All of our full time apprentices start on £16,341 a year
•Have flexible entry levels, with entry allowed at post-GCSE and A level
•Lasts from one to four years, depending on the skills and levels required
•Are available for anyone living in England, over-16 and not in full-time education
•Are open to existing university employees making a change in their roles or careers
•Exist in a huge range of professional areas