About us

We are a holiday rental company with a great portfolio of high end apartments in central London. We have guests from all over the world come stay with us and leave great reviews. We are also partners with other booking engines like Booking.com, Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, etc. We manage direct bookings from our website and inquiries and bookings from all our partners. London is our passion and joy and we have a great team of Londoners that know how to deliver the true London experience.

Why work for us

We are a start-up that encourages risk-taking, giving our employees the freedom to prove themselves and grow. Working for us, you will have a lot more development opportunities, more direct responsibilities and thus more chances to make a direct impact on the business. We have a fun and dynamic working environment. We are a small close knit team that believes in synchronized efforts to achieve real, tangible growth.