About us

The Tagsmart journey began when globally renowned frame-maker and art fabricator Mark Darbyshire and product designer Steve Cooke got together to explore a solution for authenticating art and creating a truly secure provenance history for individual works. Joined by CEO Lawrence Merritt (ex-PhotoBox, Yahoo!) and with the backing of a highly committed Board, this collaboration expanded to include some of the UK's foremost security, art conservation, software and materials science experts.

Developed by the art world for the art world, Tagsmart offers you all-round complete art authentication solutions, designed for artists, collectors and sellers of art. Endorsed and used by leading and upcoming artists, Tagsmart Certify uses DNA tagging technology to identify artworks alongside a unique system for issuing Certificates of Authenticity. These services are fully integrated with a secure digital platform which enables artists to verify the authenticity of their artworks and create an accredited chain of provenance.

Why work for us

Tagsmart will unlock growth in the US$56bn global art market by solving the problems of authenticity and provenance that deter over 60% of potential buyers. Tagsmart Certify combines secure artwork identification and artist authentication, enabling buyers and sellers to verify transactions via the artworks themselves.

The 'Certify' Solution
Tagsmart's patent-applied-for Certify technology creates an integrated platform which enables: artists to digitally identify and sign individual works; sellers to issue Certificates of Authenticity to reassure buyers, who can in turn verify the provenance of the works, the artists’ attributions, and the identity of the sellers.

The solution removes at a stroke the disincentives to purchase for collectors and unlocks the 90% addressable market that the art market is not currently reaching.