About us

Orange Business Services ("OBS" or "Orange"), (part of the Orange Group of companies) is a global telecommunications operator and IT services company. We are making business life easier, every day and all around the world by helping companies collaborate more effectively, operate more efficiently and engage better with their customers – connecting their people, sites and machines securely and reliably. Through a unique combination of robust network and IT infrastructure, managed services and professional, reliable people, we do everything we can to offer an outstanding customer experience - helping to change business life for the better.

Some facts & figures: - we have nearly 20,000 staff in 166 countries & territories - our network, the world's largest, reaches 220 countries and territories, including 88 Russian regional subdivisions and 200 Chinese cities.

About our customers: - 3,750 multinationals - 2/3 of top global 100 companies - 70% of Fortune 500 financial services companies - 8 million business mobile users Our mobile operations span 17 countries and serve 113 million mobile customers, including 8 million business customers. As a founding member of the FreeMove Alliance, our mobile coverage spans 28 countries and serves 295 million customers.

Why work for us

Are you looking for a unique experience?

At Orange we believe that digital transformation leads to a world of progress. A world where Orange designs technology for people.

By working for Orange, in our countries, we've made this world for ourselves already. Bringing together the best of being human and digital.

At Orange, we are learning and growing every day.

We are inventing new ways of working together for our customers benefit.
We are putting these initiatives in place because we know they are recognised and valued

Join us and lets build our world of progress for everyone.