About us

LayrCake is a software company dealing with cross platform business and social solutions.

We develop for mobile, web and soon, Augmented 3D Reality and look to create exceptional scalable software into the world of 3 Dimensions.

We have developed unique proprietary software that manages software development, maintenance and scaling, allowing us to concentrate upon what is important to the end user, the user interface, features and functionality.

We have developed, in addition, a new approach to software development that allows large scale software be developed from the user interface, the business domain or the database, simultaneously (meaning At the same time). This means that we can have much more fun being creative and innovative and worry less about infrastructure.

LayrCake is has now started to use it's software and approach to enter into some exciting existing and a few new markets.

Why work for us

LayrCake gives you the opportunity to work with the latest software and approach, so new that it remains a secret.

You will learn new and current development best practices, work on exciting projects, and be fully ready to work in the software industry.

We look for bright, intelligent and creative types who want to do a bit more than a 9-5 Monday to Friday. People who are excited by technology, that we have mobile phones and 3D and what to know and be part of shaping this worlds future.

We may deal primarily in business tools but we like to dabble in social tools too.

Anyway, be excited, be lively, be creative, be part of this new world, be part of the LayrCake Magic.

Good luck! :)