About us

An ambitious start-up. House of Gharats is a design house, fusing cultures and blurring the lines between art and fashion, producing a clever
approach to everyday dressing and living. Founded in London it thrives on what the world’s Creative Capital does so well –mixing glamour with
cutting edge; heritage and contemporary, and the commercial with the cultural.

Neishaa & Pretam Gharat, founders of ‘House of Gharats’; endeavour to fuse cultures through art and fashion, redefining cultural relationships, and creating new style synergies. Living amidst London’s international fusion of cultures, and its influential past, produces an exciting effect on their designs resulting in objects which are profoundly modern, distinctively stylish, yet inherently classic.

The House of Gharats is carving out a niche market by engaging with craftspeople, reviving traditional skills , non-traditional materials,
sophisticated tailoring, modern technologies, bold colours, fanciful details and novel prints to challenge conventional ideals of style.


Why work for us

Working for a start-up company is full of exciting challenges, if you combine that with the amazing world of design, House of Gharats can ensure
that you will leave with a well-rounded experience and excellent knowledge of Fashion, Craft, Textiles and much more.