About us

Cryosculpture Ltd is a young start-up. We are the exclusive importer in the UK for CRYO>S 3.0, the number 1 cryolipolysis (fat freezing) device in France. Our clients are beauty salons and beauty clinics that offer cryolipolysis treatments to their clients. Cryosculpture Ltd.’s mission is to disrupt the beauty industry by introducing the latest technology into the UK market.

Why work for us

CRYO>S 3.0 has already revolutionised the French and American markets, and the potential of growth in the UK is significant. Working with us means being part of this exciting challenge – a challenge that will help you grow.
- You will develop multitasking experience, improving your range of skills
- You will gain valuable experience in the dynamic and very competitive field of the Beauty industry
- You will work in a small and friendly environment with flexible hours and the possibility of working from home some of the time
- Bonuses