About us

F*In*Coo – Think Facebook for friends, LinkedIn for professionals and Coo for parents.

Coo is the world’s first parenting platform with an ambitious vision to simplify parenting.

We were part of the 5th cohort of Google’s incubator programme for entrepreneur Mums & Dads at Google Campus (October-December 2015) and have been selected for the 2016 Entrepreneur Academe.

Why work for us

Top reasons to work for us:
•Work with an amazing founding team: Between the two of us, we have an engineering degree, a law degree, two Harvard MBAs and three decades of experience working in some of the world’s best known companies (King, McKinsey, Linklaters, Microsoft, Nokia) across three continents.
•Help build a business that will eventually be used by two billion parents worldwide
•Build your resume: Real responsibilities, real targets. Get a very broad exposure in all fields of design.
•Build your network: An opportunity to get to know what a start-up is really like and meet founders, coders, app designers, funders and everyone else involved in this ecosystem.