About us

Boulder Creek International is a well-established and innovative boutique Production and Distribution company based in Central London.

Since we opened for business in 2007 our company and reputation has grown to specialize in two core areas, Post Production and Distribution.

Why work for us

There are many great film and television content producers who want to do just that. Produce great content. It's tough to be on location, as well as ensuring your master makes it to Moscow, your music cue sheets to Los Angeles, or your DVD to Denmark. That's where Boulder Creek International steps in.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated sales team negotiate deals in order to maximise revenue, and audience. This frees up producers to do what they love most, continue to create ground-breaking film and television.
For Sports and Events distribution, we also offer live coverage, highlights and a news service. Furthermore, we understand sponsorship and have a track record of creating the right package to support your brand.

Our current catalogue represents over 1,500 hours of programming from around the world, as well as our in- house produced programming.