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About Page Talent

Page Talent is part of PageGroup, but unlike our other recruitment services, Page Talent is a place for students looking for internships or apprenticeships and employers looking to hire them to connect directly.

Page Talent is here to help employers find great students to join their business by enabling them to advertise their apprenticeships and internship programmes for free. The opportunities must meet the following criteria to be eligible to be advertised on Page Talent:


  • Be a paid opportunity (or last no longer than 12 weeks if it is an unpaid opportunity)
  • Be a temporary placement that has a fixed end date 
  • Offer a structured training programme in a professional environment  
  • Be targeted to undergraduates or students


  • Must be a higher or degree level apprenticeship 
  • Be a paid opportunity (minimum rate of £3.50 per hour)
  • Be a full-time position (minimum of 30 hours per week)
  • Must be for a duration of 12 months or more
  • Candidates must be aged 16 or over
  • Must use an in-house or external training provider that is registered with the Education and Skills Funding Agency

Further information about Apprenticeship criteria can be found on or by calling the Apprenticeship helpline on 0800 015 0400.

New – Volunteering

Volunteering provides the chance to gain experiences and skills that a regular working environment cannot provide. Employers consider volunteering to be an asset, as they understand that exposure to different environments and working practices have practical application in the workplace.

To support our local communities at the current time, we are delighted to offer our clients the ability to post their volunteering opportunities for free via our Page Talent platform.

If you have a permanent graduate job to fill please contact your local Page Personnel or Michael Page office.
At PageGroup we are committed to helping young people prepare for the world of work, we visit schools across the country to give students aged 16-18 employability advice and tips for CV writing and interview preparation.
If you’ve come to the Page Talent website looking for our other PageGroup services, you can find out more about our brands and our recruitment processes at the following websites:

Please contact us if you have questions about the Page Talent website or service.