We visit schools and colleges to help young adults who are starting to plan their further education and career path. Below are testimonials from students and teachers at schools we have visited.

Your presentation was both inspirational and motivational, fulfilling the needs of our pupils.  The  first hand knowledge of the current labour market and employment climate served to inspire our pupils to compete, promoting an ethos of self believe and worth.  The prepared activities were an ideal vehicle to engage the groups encouraging communication and healthy debate.
Our Post 16 pupils gained significant insight into the world of work and a reality check of employer recruitment and selection processes.   Some found this shocking!  The importance of professional CV preparation, coupled with honed Personal Statements appeared to be a revelation for some. Thank you for everything; can we make the same arrangement for next year?
- Assistant Headteacher at Ferndale Community School

I always gauge the success of any careers event I do by the reactions of the students involved, and I have been amazed by their response.  They have stopped me in the corridor, made efforts to seek me out, and sent me emails in order to tell me that they enjoyed the day and, crucially, found your sessions really useful.  They have told me how inspired they were by the people they met, and many seem to have found some direction for their lives!  What is really interesting is how it has gone beyond the Year 12 students involved in the day to the rest of the school – Year 9s are telling me they have heard it was really good, and Year 13s are cross that they didn’t have this opportunity last year!  There was a real buzz about the place on Saturday in relation to the event.
The afternoon placements were really important; an opportunity for some work-based experience which gave a bit of a taste of a career for the students.  I knew I was relying on people's good will in taking our students and that it would require some planning, but I wasn't prepared for the enthusiasm and care you all took over organising the time you had.  I feel our students were given some remarkable experiences and were treated to some very valuable careers advice and guidance.
Friday was an astonishing day for us, and your contribution was crucial in making it so. I was excited about the day and knew it had the potential to be good, but its success has surpassed my expectations by some margin, and I am very grateful to you for your significant contribution to that.  
- Head of Careers at Framlingham College

  • The session was very informative and useful to be told how to best answer common questions in interviews and conduct yourself
  • It was nice that the women running the session had looked at the CVs ahead of time and could provide individual feedback
  • The booklets were useful and they looked forward to doing more research at home
  • The small group was nice to ask questions
  • The sessions went in depth into all of the aspects of job searching and how to succeed when applying for a job or uni.
- Students at Herschel Grammar School

Thanks to Michael Page staff for delivering this highly engaging and insightful interactive workshop to our Year 10, 11 and 6th form students. Our students really liked the insights this workshop gave them into the recruitment process and it made them think about how they might appear to potential employers. 
Real life examples enabled the students to understand what employers are looking for whilst encouraging our students to recognise their own developing employability skills and personal qualities. 
We would love to have you back for future session. Thanks for taking the time to come out to our school.
- Teacher at Mosslands School

Richard and the team at Michael Page delivered a fantastic interactive workshop to a large group of sixth form students; they were great at engaging the students about developing soft skills, making improvements to CVs and the importance of preparing well and being yourself in interview. They also made students aware of how important it is to ensure that their social media (and they use it a lot!) shows only the 'appropriate' things to potential employers. Despite working with adults day-to-day, the team were great with the students and their relaxed and humorous manner was really well received.
In the build up to the event, Richard was great at providing information and was really accommodating to our needs as a school and was able to offer us a time that meant students wouldn't be missing lessons to take part. Following on from the event, they have provided an website for staff and students to use to continue finding out about how to best develop your future careers prospects. I would definitely look to Michael Page again in the future for their work in schools.
-Teacher at Mangotsfield School

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