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Sell your brand: job interviews

So you’ve aced the application form, caught the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager with your CV and covering letter, and landed yourself a job interview. You’ve cleared the first hurdle: an employer has taken a look at your personal brand, and they like what they see. The next step is to put everything into practice and truly sell your brand in person; prove you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. The job interview.
It’s no mean feat to get this far with a job application. It shows that an employer wants to get to know you better and it gives you an opportunity to really shine, and ensure you stand out as the ideal candidate. However, it’s not the time to celebrate just yet. If putting together your CV is all about building your brand, then the job interview is where you sell it and reveal the person behind the qualifications and experience. 
Job interviews should not be a one-sided meeting where you simply answer a set of questions but rather a discussion during which both parties are trying to get to know one another better. The interviewer will be trying to figure out whether you are the right person for the job and you should also be assessing whether or not the role and organisation will provide a culture you would enjoy working within.
Confidence is key to a successful interview and the only way you can walk into a job interview feeling confident is with thorough preparation.
Before a job interview
You need to prepare for the meeting prior to the interview itself, not the morning of or while you sit in the waiting room 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. In the lead up to the interview, it’s all about mentally preparing yourself, improving your knowledge and ensuring you will be calm and confident during the meeting. For tips on how to best prepare for your next job interview, be sure to check out ‘Interview preparation’ for our top tips and advice. 
During an interview
The meeting itself is where you need to shine, so it’s important you present well on the day. How you speak, act and behave during an interview will bring your brand to life, so understanding what to expect and what an interviewer will be assessing you on is key. Our article ‘The Interview’ provides advice on how to successfully sell your brand during an interview and insight into what recruiters are looking for when assessing candidates. 
After an interview
It can be easy to overlook this step and assume that playing the waiting game and expecting the employer to contact you will be enough. However, preparing a follow-up response to the meeting, knowing how to accept an offer and readying yourself for potential rejection, are all key aspects of an interview process. Ensure you know exactly what to do following an interview, read our article ‘The interview follow-up’. 
Each interview you attend will be unique and increase your confidence. If you are successful in an interview, then the next step is starting your new job. Starting a new position can be a scary thought, especially if it’s your first job. Walk into your office confident with our top tips to kick-start your career, what to expect and how to impress.
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